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Recent News

La2Eclipse - Server Closed

September 08, 2017

Dear Players, La2Eclipse lost all online so its closed. Soon we ll start new server

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La2Eclipse - Vote for Us!

September 08, 2017

Dear Players, Don't forget to vote for us. You can do it in game in .menu or on our website!

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Dear Players, We are glad to inform you that Grand Openning of La2Eclipse server will take place on 23th August 2017, 19:00 GMT+3. While waiting for the opening you can check our bonuses section on Forum. Patch and registration will be avaliable 20th August.

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Dear players, We are Glad to inform you, that closed betta of La2Eclipse Started today. During The Betta Test we will test server stability and economical part of server. Also we will be improving our bot protection system, and we give our prommise that there will be no bots on our server!

If you want to learn more or participate in closed BETA - Look Forum

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Download Interlude Client
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Adrian Ray
Second Step

Download and install our patch
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Register your Game Account.
After Registration is copmpleted, you can start playing on La2Eclipse
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Clayton Fields

Best Interlude realization

On La2Eclipse You won't have troubles with skills and quests!

Best Protection Against Bots

We have one of the best protection against Bots (Paid adrenaline doesn't work)

Best Rates for Multi-Craft

Server Concept configured for several months for you to have best gaming expirience